Privacy Policy


Personal data.

   While using the application, we do not collect your personal data and do not store it on the server. We do not transfer personal data to third parties.

Personal data and technical support.

   If you have contacted our technical support, we will use your personal data only to solve your question. After solving your question, we will not send you any letters and we will not pass on to third parties your personal information that you have given us.


   The Service may contain links to other websites. The fact that the Service links to a website does not mean that Company endorses or authorizes that third party, nor is it a representation of our affiliation with that third party. Company is in no way responsible for the privacy policies of these other websites to which you chose to access from the Service. Please be sure to read the privacy policies of those websites when exiting the Service.

Third-Party Advertising Companies

   We do not provide any personal information to third-party advertising companies.



Contacting Us

    If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy,

please contact us at