For small business.

(Small shops, studio on tailoring, everyone who makes clothes or shoes on their own)

We are currently working on a trading platform that will be available directly in the application.

This market will be focused on local sellers. Everyone will be able to create their store page in the app.

At the moment we are considering two possible options for interaction between the client and the seller.

1) The client will leave a request for a specific thing.

For example, he will need to choose an accessory of a certain color to a suit. If there is a suitable accessory in your store, the customer will see your offer.

2) The customer will view all the offers of sellers nearby, using filters.

Our goal is to enable potential customers to find out what is sold in small shops near them. After all, very often in such stores you can find a unique thing that will not be in a large chain store!

In the future, we will add the payment system directly to the application.

There will also be introduced a system of coupons, discounts, loyalty cards.

Such a system will be extremely easy to use and any store can manage coupons right in the app.

This will allow stores to attract more customers who are accustomed to a variety of discounts and points in large chain stores!


If you have questions and suggestions about the market,

please write to us.

We are always in touch!