"Sometimes you just put on what first caught up in the closet..

Sometimes you spend hours picking the right clothes to dress up for an important meeting or for a date..

Sometimes you can't pick up clothes, but sometimes you manage to dress like a movie star!

And at that moment when you were able to pick up clothes perfectly, you start to feel confident!

Creating the perfect Lookbook every day you create your own unique personal brand!

We are developing the Fartena platform, which will help everyone to create their own unique personal brand."

By founders of the startup Fartena.

Magic Lab

  • special algorithms that create an Lookbook for different occasions

  • creating an Lookbook using the phone’s camera

  • clothing selection mode in an offline store

  • the ability to immediately share a new Lookbook  and get advice

  • And many others!

Unique community

  • Like to purchase!

  • ratings

  • interest groups

  • tips and tricks

  • Lookbook  battles

  • bloggers

  • And many others!

Useful tools

  • sizes of clothes, shoes, underwear and rings

  • family wardrobe management

  • photo branding

  • connections between wardrobe items

  • smart reminder system

  • the calendar

  • And many others!


  • task for the selection of an item of clothing

  • opportunity to buy and sell

  • clothes exchange

  • flea market

  • donation of clothing and other wardrobe items

  • local sellers

More amazing features!

  • virtual fitting room

  • search for the best discounts and promotions

  • use of elements of virtual reality

  • And many others!

Currently, a simplified version of our application

is available on Google Play.


You can leave us your mail and we will notify you when the full version will be available!